Quality policy

The Quality Policy of MEDICAL MPARKA remains firm and is based on the implementation of the Quality Management System. MEDICAL MPARKA’s belief is that the right quality policies provide immediate and high-quality products and services.

The primary objective of MEDICAL MPARKA is to ensure the quality of the products and services offered and, by extension:

  • Customer’s satisfaction from the available products and services.
  • Company’s compliance with safety and reliability standards
  • Cost reduction and  overall improvement of company profitability
  • Direct response to customer complaints and their gradual elimination.

To ensure the forementioned objectives, MEDICAL MPARKA has developed and installed a Quality System, designed in accordance with Government Gazette 32B / 2004 Ministerial Decision ΔΥ8δ / Γ.Π.OIK / 1348 and ELOT EN ISO 9001: 2008.