MEDICAL MPARKA was founded in order to

actively contribute to the increasing needs in the field of health. We operate in the field of pharmaceutical supplies, providing the Greek market with reliable and top-quality solutions.

Throughout the years of operating, we have formed long-term partnerships with worldwide recognized companies. It is due to these valuable alliances that we can now supply public and private clinics across the country.

Today, MEDICAL MPARKA continues to grow. We keep searching for new, innovative and high quality products for our customers. We modernize our storage and distribution methods, to better address the needs of the healthcare clinics. We focus on establishing strong relationships with all the healthcare personnel, thus helping the ones in charge for the health and life quality improvement of patients.

Our facilities, occupying an area of 4.000 sqm, is where our well-trained personnel work daily to satisfy our customers’ needs, with a sense of responsibility. MEDICAL MPARKA operates in accordance with all the procedures and quality standards essential for the health sector. Honesty, integrity and transparency in our actions, strengthen our partnerships and keep us focused on our vision:

Supplying products that would effectively, efficiently and safely contribute to the health improvement of patients.